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Green Bicycle-Yanai, China

Green Bicycle is an image taken in 1986 in China's Shandong Province. I was on my way to visit one of China's first free markets to witness the emerging capitalism that was so exciting at the time. As I took the last step off of a bus, I saw this image across the street. The occupant of an apartment had painted his door and his bicycle the same color probably thrilled with some paint he had the good fortune to come across. In his enthusiasm, he had splashed paint on the walls and ground. A green paint rag still rested where he dropped it. Once I saw it, I never took my eyes off of the image. I only had an Olympus aim and shoot 35mm camera in my pocket. It was a dark area, but the automatic flash wasn't registering. I used the flash fill to give the image the light it needed. With about 50 curious bystanders gathered behind me wondering why an American would shoot a picture of a bicycle, I shot half a roll of film...of some man's grand day with out with a can of paint.

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