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Rancho de Taos-New Mexico

It's hard for a photographer to go to New Mexico without trying to get a good shot of Rancho de Taos. It is the one of the most photographed, sketched and painted sites in the world. We've all seen the images that have been taken and exhibited for the past 100 years. When you get there, camera in hand, it's hard not to shoot the images you've already seen. On this trip, we were aiming to be there by sunset, but arrived an hour after sunset. I tried all the usual shots, but it was too dark. I was very disappointed. I had given up and was headed back to the parking lot with my camera in my bag. Woody had the driver turn on the headlights which shown through the front gate and a portion of the courtyard. There was still a little light in the sky. There was a street light behind me that was casting a strange light on the fountain in the courtyard. I saw this shot from a wierd angle and only had a few seconds before the marginal light would disappear from the raincloud sky. I needed a tripod and had no time to go get it. I rested the camera precariously on an adobe wall, aimed and shot. I thought it might be interesting, but it turned out much better than I imagined. It's the first picture of Ranco de Taos I've seen that doesn't include the spectacular church.

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